Clustern  Marketing Mix Modeling

Model  + detailed presentation, ROI indexes cost from 1500 USD to 3500 USD (depends on your data size and quality).

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  • Created econometic model will give answers to these questions:
    What are the returns on your marketing investments?
  • How do you allocate marketing spending to optimize profits?
  • Which factors drive sales performance and changes over time

Each project custom-designed to fit your specific needs. We provide a full universe of knowledge and techniques that will launch your marketing analytics into a while new realm using an integrated, simultaneous model that provides:

  • Incorporation of the effects of offline and online marketing and social media.
  • Deep insights into customers, segments, markets, channels, and category.
  • Product attributes used to explain performance.
  • Simulations can be accomplished at any level that is meaningful and actionable for you.
  • Robust estimates of all effects, even when sales are sparse or the number of observations per store/chain or per person is small.
  • Techniques developed by business and academic industry leaders. We take the best of real world experience and academic excellence and apply them to your business needs, giving you access to some of the greatest minds in the industry.

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