What we do

Clustern team creates data-driven business decision models, which will help you to become more competitive in your market.


We create models for media agencies, publishers and top advertisers:

Advertising ROI / media ROI models  – we identify media and advertising effects and contribution to sales.

Advertising form models – allows to identify most effective advertising forms.

Audience models  – models which allow publishers to predict demand for content, audience trends, use inventory.

Social impact model  – allows to identify best use for social media.

Competitors prediction model  – prediction of competitor prices, advertising actions.



Prediction and cluster analysis for e-commerce and retail markets:

User segmentation / needs model  – predicts user needs, behavior and their trends. Segments customers by potential needs.

Loyalty programs model – analyses loyalty programs and customer life cycles. Better ROI on loyalty offers.

Visitor optimization model  – forecast consumer traffic (for better workforce optimization).

Offer optimization model  –  cross promo, best fit goods, costumer basket predictions.


Identify threats in your businesses:


Consumer financial health models – detect and predict return per consumer.

Fraud identify models  – detect and eliminate sophisticated criminal activity, including credit card bust out fraud, money laundering, check kiting, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, tax evasion, and synthetic identity fraud. Non payment users.


Manufacturing Analytics model – will allow to improve quality, reduce unplanned downtime, ramp-up new production faster, identify opportunities for process improvements, provide traceability.

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